The California Cancer Registry (CCR) is a population-based, statewide cancer registry that was established in 1988. CCR collects information about most cancers diagnosed in California. All hospitals, facilities, and physicians diagnosing and/or providing treatment to cancer patients are required by law to report cases of cancer to CCR, which includes demographic, diagnostic, and treatment data.

With the passage of AB2325 (September, 2016), pathologists diagnosing cancer are to report cancer diagnoses electronically to the CCR by January 1, 2019.

CCR is a program of the California Department of Public Health. CCR monitors the number of cancer cases and cancer deaths in California, examines treatment choices and other predictors of survival, conducts research to find the causes and cures of cancer, and responds to public concerns about cancer.

If you are a pathologist who diagnoses cancer patients, and would like more information on pathologist reporting of cancer, please review the pathologist reporting requirements here.

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